REVIEW: How About You?

July 18, 2018
by Angelia Heimsoth

In today’s world, everyone is connected, but sometimes it’s a bit nice to get unplugged. Allison and Moon’s new EP How About You? – to be released July 24 – does just that. With little more than a guitar and a couple harmonies, the trio set out to break the listener’s heart, while singer Allison Griggs tells of her own heartbreak.

“February 11” sounds exactly as the title implies – a February day, covered in snow and patches of black ice, ready to steal your feet from underneath you. Griggs sings, “Should I risk giving part of me to you,” as an acoustic guitar sedately hums.

“How About You” has a cheerier, yet angsty intonation – Griggs is described as a “relatively happy person who makes relatively sad songs” on the band’s Facebook page – especially as she says, “How about you break my heart again I really miss the sensation.” “Different” is sweet, swirling like a soft river under a wooden bridge; it’s a crisp self-realization.

With such an earnest approach to heartbreak, even if timid at times, Allison and Moon are honest and able to capture just what it’s like to feel a little bit tangled in love and loss.

Grade: B
Top track: “February 11”
Goes great with: Samia, Bessie Turner